All our expertise at the disposal of professionals

Every year we organize nearly 30,000 hours of continuing education on the ENVT site in premises designed for theoretical and practical teaching and around 500 trainees trust us to be trained.

We adapt to the needs and requests for training dictated by the evolution of the profession and by the health constraints of the current time.

A quality offer

Our diplomas and qualifications are recognized by the Ordre des Vétérinaires, the State and the HCERES and are eligible for funding for continuing education.

ENVT is accredited by le Conseil National de l’Ordre des Vétérinaires. For veterinarians, our training courses lead to the allocation of CFCects. (calculation methods on the website of the Comité de la Formation Continue Vétérinaire).

As a guarantee of the quality of our training courses, the organization is Datadock registered and to continue to improve the quality of our services, we have engaged in a certification process in compliance with the new “Qualiopi” national quality reference system.

To achieve its objectives and continue to provide satisfaction to its clients, ENVT implements innovative teaching methods, means and tools adapted to the needs of learners which are part of a continuous improvement process. Each training course is followed by a satisfaction questionnaire.

Committed to the development of skills, ENVT provides training adapted to the needs of lifelong learning.

A team of experts at your disposal

The training courses are provided by outstanding professors and veterinarians who are experts in their field. All our trainers are aware of the constraints and realities of the profession, as well as of regulatory developments.

Each training session is supervised by an ENVT teacher, who is in charge of the course.

Short-term skill training

Short term (from one day to one week) skill training courses will enable to update knowledge or develop skills in the main veterinary fields. Some training courses will enable to acquire a certification to meet a legal or regulatory obligation necessary to practice a profession or activity on the national territory.


Our short-term skill training

Diploma-based training courses

Offered continuously or over several weeks, these courses will enable to specialize in a particular field, to broaden knowledge or to change career direction.

Our diploma-based training courses

ENVF Catalogue for continuing education

In the catalogue of continuing education courses offered by the 4 French National Veterinary Schools (ENVF), no less than 150 courses (diploma, qualification and certification –based courses) for professionals can be found.


Continuing education ENVF’s