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ENVT’s University Veterinary Hospital (CHUV)

ENVT’s University Veterinary Hospital is composed of 5 clinics and 1 wildlife center.

The University Veterinary Hospital is situated in the very heart of ENVT. It employs 80 full-time staff among whom a majority of Doctors in Veterinary Medicine, either general practionners or specialists and brings together all the possible services offered to owners of any animal species in terms of care.
Every year, ENVT’s clinics handle around 20,000 animal cases and perform over 55,000 medical or surgical acts.

All clinicians (academics, hospital practitioners, assistants or interns, as well as nurses and technicians, secretaries and hospital agents) work daily to :

  • Take care of the pets that are entrusted to them;
  • Dispense clinical teaching to the school’s students from year 3 onwards.

These clinical players guarantee the quality of both the care provided to animals and the training of students, interns and residents. They all ensure that animals are given all the attention they deserve, and receive adapated care in accordance with state-of-the-art knowledge in veterinary medicine; they also provide future graduates with top quality training.

The university hospital has implemented a quality policy including criteria such as veterinary care, customers’ reception, competences of the clinical staff, equipment as well as hygiene and maintenance of the premises (treatment areas, operating theaters and hospitalization areas).

Each clinic has its own organization consistent with its teaching and service objectives.

The clinics and the wildlife center

Small animals

The veterinary hospital is a referral establishment staffed with veterinary general practitioners and specialists, and supported by an ever-evolving top quality equipment.
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Exotic pets

The exotic pet clinic cares for exotics covered in fur (rabbits, rodents, etc.), feathers (poultry, parrots, etc.) and scales (turtles, turtoises, snakes, etc.)
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The center hosts and treats wild animals that are momentarily incapable of fending for themselves in their natural habitat. It aims at rehabilitating and eventually reintroducing them in the wild.
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The equine clinic is the heart of ENVT. It offers a reception area for owners, boarding facilities for the horses, and medical and surgical equipment.
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The large animal clinic relies on the competences of E NVT’s staff to meet the clients’ demands in terms of services, to fulfil the teaching missions of the school and its R&D goals.
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Swine and poultry

The swine and poultry clinic treats both pet poultry and farm poultry. It also teaches swine and poultry medicine to ENVT’s students, and conducts research activities.
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Le Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vétérinaire de l’ENVT dispose de tous les services nécessaires au suivi de la santé de votre animal.


The school provides technical and scientific support to breeding units, farms, veterinarians and sanitary defence groups confronted with issues affecting herd productivity and the quality of products in canine, poultry, swine, bovine, ovine and caprine species.

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Medical laboratory
ENVT’s University Veterinary Hospital offers a certain number of services to veterinarians and all professionals whose activity is in relation with animals.

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The necropsy unit conducts post-mortem examinations on most domestic vertebrates.

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Clinical research
Clinical research at ENVT relies on partnerships between the university hospitals of the 4 French veterinary schools.

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Central pharmacy
An in-house pharmacy is accessible to clients within the university animal hospital.