Whether for teaching or research, ENVT achieves excellence in the international arena.

100% of ENVT students have professional experience abroad, at least once during their studies, either by going on an internship or by participating in an academic exchange.
For several years now, we have been developing an ambitious and dynamic policy to encourage mobility: exchange programs, internships abroad, international scientific cooperation. We are convinced that this openness to the world allows our students not only to complete their academic and practical knowledge in the veterinary sciences, but also to discover other cultures and other languages.

Considering that cultural diversity is a considerable wealth and an asset for ENVT, we welcome about fifty foreign students and researchers every year in the framework of bilateral agreements and partnerships.

ENVT International program

of our students get experience abroad
international agreements
Erasmus agreements


In this school, I do a lot of learning that will make this year unique for me…

Icíar, a Spanish student in the ERASMUS program, is doing her 4th year of veterinary studies at ENVT.

ENVT has a long tradition of international involvement in its teaching, research and expertise activities.

ENVT’s internationalization strategy is based on four axes :

  • Mobility – incoming and outgoing students and staff, , including lecturers, in and outside Europe
  • The development of our Erasmus policy and our integration into the European educational area
  • The development of training and research programs with international partners, in particular through its research units or bilateral cooperation agreements
  • The improvement of ENVT attractiveness thanks to an active communication policy and a flexible procedure for the welcome of foreign students, teachers and researchers.

Each year, ENVT welcome students from all over the world thanks to its many partners, training programs, facilities and the skilled staff. Coming to study at ENVT is a great opportunity to experience life in France, visit the country and make new friends while attending classes and earning credits.

Going abroad

International mobility for students and staff is one of the institution’s priorities. It allows students to open up to new working methods, develop new skills and become more independent.

100% of ENVT students go abroad for an internship or a semester in a partner university.

ENVT has signed many partnerships (Exchange programs) with universities worldwide (Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa).

37 institutional partners in the world

ENVT is involved in the Erasmus program (16 partners in Europe)

ENVT also belongs to the Brafagri and Arfagri programs, which aim to promote the organization of student exchanges between France and Brazil and between France and Argentina respectively.

Thanks to bilateral agreements and partnerships, ENVT welcomes about 50 foreign students and researchers each year.

A few figures

  • 34 bilateral agreements
  • 16 Erasmus partners
  • 1 BRAFAGRI program with Brazil
  • 1 ARFAGRI program with Argentina
  • 1 REVET program in the framework of Erasmus Capacity Building
  • 1 Twinning project – IOE project with Kazakhstan


 l’ENVT est impliquée depuis longtemps dans  le développement des programmes de formation,  de recherche et de coopération avec des partenaires internationaux