Scientific objectives

To provide skills in animal disease and population health management in order to be able to suggest methods for the prevention and control of tropical animal diseases. These methods will be based on an interdisciplinary approach to epidemiological systems.

Professional objectives

  • To train specialists in the risks of emergence and spread of animal and zoonotic diseases in Mediterranean and tropical countries
  • To train epidemiological researchers in animal health

These professionals will be able to take into account the relevant environmental and socio-economic parameters in a One Health context.
The skills acquired during this course can be used and valorized later on in northern and southern countries. This Master’s degree also provides the opportunity to move on to PhD training.


  • Veterinary students in their final year
  • Students in biological sciences
  • Veterinarians
  • Engineers, agronomists, doctors, pharmacists

The course is given in French.

Training program

1st semester : theoretical part

– UE1 : Health economics
– UE2 : Control and prevention of animal diseases
– UE3 : Statistics applied to the epidemiology of tropical diseases
– UE4 : Surveillance in the South and information systems
– UE5 : OneHealth and EcoHealth approach.

Training locations :
The first 8 theoretical weeks take place at ENV of Toulouse.
The following 8 weeks take place at CIRAD in Montpellier.

ECTS : 30 credits

Some modules of the UE are accessible in continuing education.

2nd semester : practical training

A practical internship is planned over 5 months, from January to June.

ECTS : 30 credits