1761-1825 : Attempts by the city of Toulouse and the Conseil Général de Haute-Garonne to establish a veterinary school, the hope of the entire region.

November 1828 : Foundation of E.N.V.T. on the Matabiau site (the current ZAC Marengo) at the request of Sociétés d’agriculture et d’élevage du Sud-Ouest (Cf. Ministry of Agriculture, L’ENVT et la Profession vétérinaire, éd. Privat, Toulouse, 1923).

1828 – 1899 : Establishment, development and recognition of the school

1899 : A serious fire destroyed part of the administrative buildings in the “cour d’honneur”, notably the library. The mayor of Toulouse asked the Minister of Agriculture to transfer the school outside the city.

1899 – 1958 : The school faced many challenges and tried to find a new site, not far from the city centre.

Timeline of key ENVT events

17 december 1953 :Noël Lemaresquier was appointed by the State to carry out the construction of the new school and on 18 February 1954, during a working meeting, the main features of the future school were outlined.

11 may 1954 :the Ministry of Agriculture officially decided to rebuild ENVT and the plans were approved.

18 january 1955 :the “Conseil Municipal” decided to acquire a new plot of land of approximately 41 hectares located on the estate of the Château de Marmande in Saint Martin du Touch belonging to Mr. Chouvel.

October 1955 :the final construction project was adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture. Three groups of buildings were built :

  • A first group for consultations and hospitals,
  • A second group for teaching and research (six single-storey buildings in a semicircle around a central group including lecture theatres and the library tower)
  • A third group consisting of the university campus and the sports fields.


10 january 1958 :the part of the Marmande property purchased by the City was transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture.

15 april 1961 : the ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the new Veterinary School took place.

June 1964 :the old school was moved and in October 1964, the first school year started in the school on the Chemin des Capelles. On 12 December 1964, the project to demolish the old Veterinary School was adopted by the “Conseil Municipal”, thus putting an end to the history of this school in Matabiau.